NO Credit Check Financing
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How Does No Credit Check Financing Work?

Making in house financing Easy & Safe!

Customer Approval Download          time is about 10 seconds.

Many Clients now find themselves with drastically lowered credit limits, canceled credit cards, or unable to pay for Merchandise or Services in One payment. Our program will allow you to Safely take postdated checks for up to 90 days and Guarantee you Payment even if the Checks don't clear!
You may advertise "No Credit Check Financing" to your clients and be assured that once you receive our approval code on your Web console, you will collect all your money!
For over a dozen years this system has bridged the gap for Merchants,Mechanics,Doctors,Dentists and most businesses who sell and service the public. Your customer must have a checking account in good standing and must have a source of income. Call for complete details. 85% to 90% Approval rate in most cases.
  Many stores are utilizing this sales increasing service. Not only does it generate more sales, but the individual sales are often for higher amounts. Its a double win for the merchant. Our merchant web site access makes it easy for the store owner to control and track activity. 
Merchant account required,set up takes less than 30 minutes in most cases.

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